Lori Gundlah introduced the piano to my 7 year old son a year and a half

ago. My son displays many of the signs of a child with ADHD. Given his

challenges with focussing attention, I wasn't sure how piano lessons would

go, but as it turns out, piano with Lori is much more than a typical piano

lesson. I have been amazed by his progress and Lori's techniques for

keeping him engaged. The best part has been seeing him feel a sense of

accomplishment when he learns a new song. It's wonderful to see him

work through the stages of learning a song and then experience the

pride when he can hear that he got it right - especially given his

challenges with completing some normal tasks. It seems that there have

been improvements in other areas of his life since he

has begun lessons with Lori and I really feel that there's a correlation!

I highly recommend exposing your child to music through Lori Gundlah's

instruction. It has truly enriched our life.